List of people who sent messages while Akira was in hospital and after Akira passed away


Dr. Tomohiko Asai                                 Nihon University, Japan, Former RA

Mr. Joseph Adegun                                University of Saskatchewan, Canada, Former M.Sc. student

Dr. Blair Bromley                                   Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, Chalk River, Canada

Prof. Claude Boucher                             INRS, QC, Canada

Prof. Debjyoti Basu                                Sikkim Manipal University, India, Former PDF

Prof. James F.Basinger                          University of Saskatchewan (former AVP-research)

Dr. Weifeng Chen                                  Canadian Light Source, Canada, Former Ph.D. student

Prof. Ajay Dalai                                     University of Saskatchewan, Former RA

Mr. Carl Dunlea                                     University of Saskatchewan, Ph.D. student

Dr. Weixing Ding                                   University of California, Los Angeles, USA, Former PDF                                                           

Ms. Yue Ding                                        Ontario, Canada, Former M.Sc. student

Prof. Robert Fedosejevs                         University of Alberta, Canada, Colleague

Dr. Brian Gregory                                   INRS, Quebec, Canada, Colleague

Prof. Hossam Gaber                              University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada, Colleague

Mr. Yelu Liu                                          China, former M.S. Student

Dr. Yuanshi Li                                       Saskatoon, Canada, Former RA

Dr. Dazhi Liu                                         Saskatoon, Former Ph.D. student and PDF

Prof. Don McEwen                                 University of Saskatchewan, Colleague

Mr. Kenneth Mark                                  British Columbia Institute of Technology, Canada,

Former student

Prof. Osamu Mitarai                               Professor Emeritus of Tokai University, Japan, Collaborator

Mr. Jason Maley                                    Sask Structural Science Centre, Former student 

Dr. Allan Offenberger                                Professor Emeritus, University of Alberta, Colleague

Dr. Takumi Onchi                                  Kyushu University, Japan, Former RA   

Prof. Ishihara Osamu                             Chubu University, Japan, Collaborator

Mr. Michael Patterson                            University of Saskatchewan, M.Sc. Student

Prof. Horst Pacher                                 INRS, Canada, Colleague

Dr. Roger Raman                                  University of Washington, USA, Former PDF

Dr. John Root                                        University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Ramaswami Sammynaiken               University of Saskatchewan, Collaborator

Dr. Pramod Kumar Sharma                    Institute of Plasma Research, India

Dr. Jan Stockel                                      IPP, Czeck Republic

Dr. Andranik Sarkissian                          Plasmionique Inc, Former Ph.D. student

Prof. Ying Y Tsui                                   University of Alberta, , Collaborator

Prof. Jan Weiland                                  Sweden, Collaborator

Dr. Sean Wolfe                                      Plasmionique Inc., Canada, Dormer Ph.D. student

Prof. Qiaoqin Yang                                University of Saskatchewan, Former RA, Collaborator

Dr. Liyan Zhang                                     Cogent Communications, USA, Former Ph.D. Student

Dr. Wei Zhang                                       Public Health England, UK, Former Ph.D. Student